Recording Services

Have you written a song/s and want to record it? let us help you capture the best quality recording. The session also comes with an experienced recording engineer.

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Mixing Services

Want your song/s to sounds as good as the songs on the radio? Our professional and experienced mix engineers will give your song the quality finish it deserves.

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Mastering Services

Want your song to be as big and have the clarity and standards of the songs on the radio? Let our professional and experienced mastering engineers bring your song/s to life.

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Production Services

Need beats/instrumentals to write lyrics to? Have you wrote a piece of music and need it to be fully produced into a song? Let us supply you with hottest beats/instrumentals or help you to develop your music.

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Media Sound Services

Understanding Sonic Media. Our experience and knowledge of Sounds for various media, allow us to produce the highest quality sound designs and mix for your project.

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This is what we do

Here at CP1 we have the right blend of equipment and software combined with a wealth of experience and knowledge to give your project best quality and bring your artistic vision to life, sonically.

Choose the Service/s You Need and Let Us Do The Work For You!!!

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Media Sound